Preschool Kitchen & Prep Checklist

PreschoolKitchenandPrepChecklist Preschool Kitchen & Prep Checklist
  • All dishes, pots, pans and utensils were cleaned and stored properly after each meal and snack

  • All sinks were cleaned & sanitized after use

  • All work counters were cleaned & sanitized after use

  • Trash can was emptied and cleaned after each meal

  • Dish cloths were washed at the end of each day

  • Hands were washed properly, frequently, and at appropriate times

  • Food service employees wore restraints, gloves, and clean clothing and keep hands clean and free of any open sores or infections that could spread to food

  • All hot food was temped and served at 135 degrees

  • All food was stored in refrigerator and freezer

  • Refrigerator(s) was kept clean and organized

  • Sanitizer/Dishwasher is empty out and cleaned out at the end of day

  • All chemical are stored away from food.

  • All snacks were stored in cabinet. Opened snacks were labeled and stored in appropriate containers

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