Preschool Field Trip Procedure Checklist

PreschoolFieldTripProcedureChecklist Preschool Field Trip Procedure Checklist
  • Three to Four Weeks Before

  • Submit need for subs/coverage to school office or permission to take classroom on field trip

  • Provide a sign up parent/volunteer sheet in classroom. Make sure to include date, times, and a short description of field trip and any responsibilities

  • Submit names and cell phone numbers of all faculty and chaperones attending the school trip

  • Distribute list of students who will be attending the school trip to all faculty (including attendance office) and include the times you are leaving/returning

  • Verify that trip is on the school field trip calendar. Have a reminder posted on student sign in sheet

  • Submit copies of signed permission slips to school office

  • Collect money/payment from parents for field trip

  • Submit copies of volunteer/chaperone form to school office for all non-faculty members attending the trip

  • The Day/Night Before

  • Send out a final reminder to parents about the meeting time and location (by automated call service, email, or text message, or parent portal)

  • Communicate with your tour leader to confirm meeting time and location

  • Check the weather forecast. Dress accordingly. Remind parents the night before of the weather forecast and what students need to bring for field trip

  • Make sure to charge cell phone

  • The Morning of Field Trip

  • Review assigned chaperone groups with students

  • Review rules for behavior with students

  • Review that day’s itinerary with students

  • Bring packed school lunches and water

  • Provide each of the chaperones with a list of their students’ names that they are responsible for during the field trip

  • Bring backpack with first aide kit, medical supplies, student medication, emergency contact information, and student roster

  • Confirm that each chaperone knows their assigned bus number.

  • Confirm that each chaperone has your cell phone/contact number

  • Take roll and count students before leaving school

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