The Preschool Parent-Teacher Conference Checklist for Teachers

ThePreschoolParentTeacherConferenceChecklist The Preschool Parent-Teacher Conference Checklist for Teachers
  • Send a personal letter or note to each parent to confirm the day, time, and place of the conference or have a parent sign up in class

  • Inform parents ahead of time about the purpose of the conference. Make sure they have a few weeks to review child\'s school assessment

  • Gather file folders, portfolios, journals of each student\'s work and make sure child has some type of artwork displayed in the classroom for parents to view

  • Be sure your schedule is coordinated with other teachers in the school. Many parents will have more than one child in school and need sufficient time with each teacher

  • Review child\'s assessment or notes regarding student\'s behavior, academic progress, and interactions with peers.

  • Establish no more than two or three concerns or issues. Buffer with a positive statements in between

  • Clarify ahead of time who, exactly, will be attending each conference.

  • Invite parents to bring a list of questions, issues, or concerns

  • Establish a waiting area outside your classroom for confidentiality reasons

  • Find a comfortable area to meet with parents, not behind a teacher\'s desk

  • Greet parents in a positive manner with a smile and a handshake

  • Provide parents with specific academic information

  • Invite and obtain additional information from parents

  • Listen carefully to parents. If you\'re nervous, you will tend to “take over” the conversation—by as much as 90 percent. Try for a 50-50 balance

  • When talking to parents, always remember: show, don\'t tell. Provide specific examples of a student\'s work or behavior rather than labels or adjectives

  • Combine your perceptions and their observations into a workable plan of action. Ask for parent ideas, and use those ideas in addressing challenging situation

  • Let parents know that you are always available for follow-up (phone calls, personal meetings, etc.)

  • Save a few minutes after each conference to jot down a couple notes

  • Plan for some “decompression time” between conferences. You need time to gather your thoughts, regroup, and get ready for the next conference

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