MapleStory Dailies And Weeklies


  • Legion Dailies

  • Vanishing Journey Dailies

  • Vanishing Journey PQ

  • Chu Chu Dailies

  • Chu Chu PQ

  • Lachlein Dailies

  • Lachlein PQ

  • Arcana Dailies

  • Arcana PQ

  • Root Abyss and Nmag/CHorntail

    Do this for 5000 Guild points cap daily. Should be done partied with at least 1 guild mate otherwise you only receive 100 points per boss kill solo.

  • Hellux

  • Ranmaru

  • Papulatus

  • Ursus

  • Arkarium/Pink Bean

  • Commerci PQ

  • Yu Garden Dailies

  • Kiritias Invasions


  • Damien

  • Lotus

  • Dark World Tree Weeklies

  • Scrap Yard Weeklies

  • Kiritias Weeklies

  • Princess No.

  • Hard Hilla

  • Hard Magnus

  • Cygnus

  • Chaos Root Abyss

  • Chaos Vellum

  • Chaos Pink Bean

  • Chaos Zakum

  • Lucid

  • NOTES:

  • Root Abyss, and Nmag/CHorntail are used to reach Guild Points cap at 5000 points. Must be done with at least 1 party member or each boss will only be worth 100 points per kill.

  • Ranmaru kills drop Rebirth Flames for reflaming equipment. Hard ranmaru has a chance to drop Eternal Rebirth Flames.Chaos Pink Bean also has a chance to drop Rebirth and Eternal Rebirth Flames

  • Easy/Normal Cygnus, and Normal/Chaos Zakum also have a chance at dropping Rebirth flames. Normal Arkarium has a low chance to drop a Primal Essence used to craft the Meister Ring.

  • If you need money, Ursus is available 3 times a day for a total of around 90M meso upon completions. Papulatus drops 8M per Normal clear, and has a chance to drop eye accessory for Transposing.

  • Weekly Dark World Tree and Scrap Yard are musts if you are looking for Absolab Gear. Pair these with a Damien and Lotus run to obtain coins to purchase the set.

  • Doing weekly Kiritias quests and invasions will net you coins to be able to purchase Tyrant equipment if you are interested in using them to transpose.

  • Kiritias invasions are a quick way to gather coins for tyrant equipment if the server participates in them. Yu Garden Dailies yield coins that you can buy epic potential scrolls with.

  • Hard Hilla runs are good to try to obtain Black Heart pets which last for 3 months. These are a must if you are unwilling to spend NX for a pet.

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