Checklist For AMs

  • Send to the client the number of target pages we need for the new website to ensure the SEO campaign is not be jeopardized.

  • Check with the client whether they want the same SEO content on their current live site or if they prefer new content.

  • Whenever the client\'s project manager is about to go through the site structure, he/she has to consult with our SEO team to make sure the website will be SEO friendly.

  • Ask the web development company to create the appropriate amount of page templates for all our target pages.

  • Request a staging onsite at least 2 weeks in advance before the new website is launched so that we can take care of all the technical side.

  • Check the staging site logins before sharing it with us so that we can save time.

  • After the site goes live send an email to the tech who has done the onsite on the staging site and cc:

    that way we can work on the new live site even if the initial tech person is not available.

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