6S’s for Safety

Safety Attractive reminder
  • Sort: Sorting is a process that involves selections What need to complete the and removing everything else from your work area.

  • Straighten: Straightening specifically customizes your workstation and surrounding area to meet your work area needs. Arrange remaining items so they are easy to Select, use.

  • Sweep: Sweeping is powerful because its purpose is to the reason why things become dirty. Emphasis is on the removal of dirt, and grime to reveal the source and eliminate it.

  • Standardize: Standardizing creates a work area free Of checklists; if good standards are put in place it will be easier to maintain and continue improving.

  • Sustain: Sustainability is the result of how well we have performed the four In the Stage, think of ways to eliminate effort in maintaining an area.

  • Safety: Building awareness into all activities is the focus of this Step. zero accidents and injuries Will be attained When accident prevention.

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