• check bathrooms are cleaned properly sinks cleaned taps shined up

  • mould removed around shower or bath

  • all windows and glass cleaned mirrors

  • under & behind toilet and sink cleaned

  • floor cleaned properly

  • kitchen worktops clean utensils shine up

  • fronts of units cleaned

  • skirting boards are cleaned

  • pictures windows

  • floor hoovered properly no crumbs left and mopped properly

  • all rooms polished hoovered and mopped properly

  • all polishing done properly ornaments etc moved and cleaned underneath

  • entrance door bars hoovered and cleaned

  • doors wiped down

  • any marks removed on walls radiators

  • plugs and light switches cleaned

  • cobwebs removed

  • edges are hoovered in each room

  • make sure all team members know there jobs and are using their checklists

  • if any problems report to Lillian

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