Key Features of Adobe Captivate 9 That Enhance Instructional Design

Captivate 9 Key Features
  • Adobe Captivate Draft

  • Adobe Captivate Draft, allows you to create a storyboard directly in the authoring tool with e-learmng objects. question slides. and branching abilities reducing our extra resources, time, and efforts

  • Device-aware Delivery

  • Captivate offers the feature to develop responsive courses that can be accessed on any mobile device. laptop. or tablet

  • Multimedia Integration

  • Multimedia Integration feature in captivate will provide audio-text captions, text-to-speech capabilities. and pan and zoom support.

  • Branch-aware Quizzing

  • This unique feature will allow the learner to take the pre-test based on which it will point out to the modules the learner will have to take. After they complete the module. learners have to take a quiz again to check their progress.

  • Geo-location Support

  • This feature helps you to detect and incorporate location-specific content in the course and location based e-learning activities.

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