8 Basic eLearning Terms Every Newbie Needs To Know

Terms eLearning

  • It is the systemic process Of identifying learning gaps, and then designing and developing content to Close those learning gaps.


  • It is an approach to education that combines two main learning methods: (I) online learning and (2) traditional classroom-based learning (CBT\' Also called hybrid, mixed or integrative learning.


  • It is a software platform that organizations use to create, organize, deploy, and measure the performance of online training courses and educational programs for both onsite and remote learners.


  • It is a software package that features asset libraries and design tools that allow Instructional Designers to create online training materials that are engaging and interactive for learners.


  • Stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It refers to a popular Set Of technical Standards for packaging eLearning software products, so they work correctly once uploaded to any LMS.

  • SME

  • Stands for Subject Matter Expert.

  • This is the person Who has extensive knowledge about the Subject matter you are Creating eLearning for.


  • The course blueprint that tracks each Step a learner must take to complete the eLearning Course from Start to finish.


  • The concept of applying game-design mechanics and elements to eLearning courses. It can include gaming elements such as: rewards. points, titles, a positive feedback.

  • Bonus eLearning Terms:

  • ADDIE- Stands for the five phrases in its approach to design, Which are (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Develop, (4) Implement and (S) Evaluate. It is often implemented as a linear model in which one phase would be finished, before moving on to the next

  • SAM - Stands Successive Approximation Model, With a more agile approach to design that has three Stages: (10Evaluate, (2) Design and (3) Develop.

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