Cross Promo Ideas for SaaS and Software Companies

  • Co-Plan and Co-Host a Webinar

  • Co-Create and Co-Promote Videos (Help videos, explanations videos, promo videos)

  • Co-Brand Ads and Split the Cost

  • Exchange In-App Discounts

  • Add Promotional Offers on Each Other\'s Paid Thank You Page

  • Email Blast Co-Promotional offers

  • Swamp Guest Blog Posts

  • Create Social Media Posts for Each Other\'s Social Media Pages

  • Co-Event Sponsorships

  • Add Partner Integrations Examples and Demos in the Onboarding Process

  • Co-Write and Co-Promote a Whitepaper

  • Co-Create and Co-Promote an Infographic

  • Co-Write and Co-Promote a Guest Blog Post

  • Co-Author and Co-Promote a Ebook

  • Co-Create and Co-Promote a Microsite

  • Co-Create and Co-Promote a Free Online Tool

  • Co-Sponsor and Co-Promote a Content or Giveaway

  • Co-Plan and Co-Host a Twitter Chat

  • Create a Partner Discount Page on Your Website

  • Ask to Be Co-Interviewed on a Podcast

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