5 Strategies Every Company Needs To Master

SEO Strategies
  • Get Quality Links

  • Create authoritative content people want to read & share

  • Examine competitor backlinks

  • Post as a guest on high-ranking sites

  • Network in social media

  • Reclaim your brand: Get linked where you-re mentioned

  • Google Authorship

  • Influences page rank

  • Google+profiles for all your authors

  • Authors claim their authorship

  • Set a Canonical URL

  • "Canonical" the one best URL

  • Tells search engines which page is preferred (in case of duplicates)

  • Consolidates the power of a page

  • Permanently redirects (301) to canonical, full link value

  • Microdata & Schema

  • HTML tags tell search engines what the page is about

  • Richer search results

  • Better search rankings

  • Responsive Design

  • Web pages alter their appearance according to device

  • Single HTML code for the page serves desktop & mobile

  • Easier for users to interact with. share & link to

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