HR Function Audit Checklist

Audit Hr Checklist
  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Are there job descriptions for each position within the organization?

  • Are all job descriptions up to date?

  • Are Current employees made aware Of openings Within the organization?

  • Does the company use job advertisements?

  • Are applicants required to complete application forms for open positions?

  • Do application form refrain asking information about prohibited grounds?

  • Are unsuccessful Candidates notified?

  • Is there a standard otter letter?

  • Is there a standard Contract? Has it been Checked by a lawyer?

  • Are all new hires reported to the CRA?

  • Are the references of job applicants Checked?

  • Is attrition/turnover monitored?

  • Is cost per new hire being calculated?

  • Are hiring costs within budget?

  • Is training provided for those who conduct interviews?

  • New Employees

  • Are workplace policies and procedures reviewed with all new hires ?

  • Are company policies and procedures applicable to the work environment?

  • Are all policies and procedures communicated and enforced?

  • Is there an employee handbook?

  • Is the employee handbook specific to your workplace?

  • Is there an orientation or on-boarding policy?

  • Are new hires provided an orientation?

  • Are new hires introduced to others employees, including management?

  • Are new hires introduced trained appropriately for their job?

  • Training & Development

  • Are employees provided training for new and procedures required to complete their job duties?

  • Are employees provided with opportunities to develop their existing skills?

  • Are employees evaluated after completion of training programs?

  • Are training initiatives within budget?

  • How are manager and supervisors trained and prepared for their roles?

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