Manager's Onboarding Checklist

  • Call your new employee and confirms

  • Start date

  • Work place

  • Start time

  • First day contact person

  • Provide Transportation and Parking information

  • Review dress expectations and department culture

  • Email follow -up with link to New Employee Onboarding webpage

  • Inform the employee about the New Employee Briefing program

  • Discuss relocation support provided by the department

  • Discuss the need for new employee payroll advance

  • Create action plan/tasks for the employee\'s first day

  • Put together a welcome packet from the department and include:

  • Job description

  • New Employee Checklist "Getting Started"

  • Leave accrual and reporting guidelines, department procedures for requesting sick/vacation time

  • Job manual or employee handbook (if available)

  • Schedule for the first week

  • Department/unit organization chart

  • Contact information for co-workers in the department

  • Map of campus with building(s) highlighted

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