Planning An RFID Tagging Project (Any Industry)

  • Let\'s cover everything you\'ll need to do!

  • Specify exactly which assets are being tagged. Easier if you have an existing database, but it\'s unlikely to be accurate, thats the point of your new system right?

  • Where are the assets? Access to the assets to be tagged, the easier they are accessed the less the cost. You\'ll need to manage the labour to match the amount of assets available at any one time.

  • Ok, we have the assets, we know where they\'ll be and when, we know how many tagging sets we need, now we need the tagging equipment in place. Is your RFID system supplier providing the additional tagging equipment? If not what\'s the plan?

  • We have the makings of a plan. Next is organising the tags themselves to be available at project start.

  • Now we need to set the project goals. Start date, expected daily productivity, milestones for longer projects, end date.

  • And a monitoring system to follow the project progress, a simple spreadsheet should do it, as long as any shortfalls are immediately visible.

  • That\'s it! Everything is in place unless there\'s something specific about your business that wasn\'t covered. Get started, monitor everything, keep on top of quality at all times, utilise daily reports for tracking. Good luck!

  • If you need more specific assistance with your project, contact

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