10 SEO Myths That Makes us Cringe

SEO Myths SEO Myths
  • 10. Great content is all you need. - Great content is the foundation of a successful online marketing campaign but without SEO, your great content won\'t get the exposure it deserves.

  • 9. Google hates SEO. - Google doesn\'t hate SEO, Google depends on it to help better match high quality content to user search intent.

  • 8. You\'ll lose traffic if you link to other websites. - Linking to strong websites will help boost your web ranking, which in turn bring in more organic traffic.

  • 7. Guest blogging doesn\'t work any more. - Writing a strong piece of content for another website will attract the attention of that website\'s reader.

  • 6. Social activity doesn\'t matter. - Google takes into account the social signals when determining page ranking. Content that is shared.

  • 5. Length of content doesn\'t matter. - Longer contents are more in-depth than shorter content and people are much more likely to link to an in-depth piece of content.

  • 4. Meta tags don\'t matter. - Without them, users are less likely to click on your link if it shows up in their search results.

  • 3. SEO is a one time effort. - SEO is something that needs to be consistently worked on because of link degradation, evolving search engine algorithms, competition content.

  • 2. SEO is all tricks. - "Tricks" is that boost your page ranking are considered black hat tactics that Google not only frowns upon, but penalizes.

  • 1. SEO is dead, again - SEO becomes more complicated and competitive with each google algorithm update, but never dead.

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