Online Classroom Rules

Online Classroom Rules Online Classroom Rules
  • 1. Be dressed /groomed in a manner appropriate for a classroom.

  • 2. Have all materials ready for class. This includes writing supplies, books, required notes etc.

  • 3. Set up at a location with minimal distraction, no virtual backgrounds.

  • 4. Remain seated at your work station for the entirety of the session.

  • 5. Be on time! Class starts at the scheduled meetings time, Allow yourself couple of minutes before to set up your work space, supplies, audio/video etc.

  • 6. Be respectful of the learning process. Holding up any items, signs, or pictures that are not necessary for the lesson is unacceptable.

  • 7. Only chat with the teacher. Messaging with other students at any time other than a time designated by the teacher for discussion is not acceptable.

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