20 Effective ways to use Google Apps For Education

google apps for education google apps for education
  • To-Do Checklist

  • 1. Create a Google Doc for a lesson plan, share it with other teachers.

  • 2. Take notes for your next grade-level or administrative meeting in Google Docs and share with all attendees.

  • 3. Try translating a document in Google Docs to give to non-English speaking parents.

  • 4. Use revision history in Google Docs to monitor the activity or progress on an assignment.

  • 5. Invite a guest lecturer into your class through video chat.

  • 6. Give your next multiple choice quiz using forms in Google Docs. Quickly analyze and summarize data with the “Summary” feature.

  • 7. Create a parent volunteer survey with forms in Google Docs to collect contact and availability information.

  • 8. Set-up a spreadsheet in Google Docs with timing and availability for parents to sign-up for parent-teacher conferences.

  • 9. Create a grade level folder in Google Docs that is shared with your team so anyone can add and utilize your classroom files.

  • 10. Create a site for your classroom with embedded Docs, Calendars, Forms, and gadgets.

  • Extra Credit Time!

  • 11. Create a class activity or homework calendar that students and parents can view and subscribe and can be embedded on a class site.

  • 12. Set-up classroom or administrative tasks and group into lists using the Tasks feature in calendar or Gmail.

  • 13. Enable the translation feature in Gmail so you can translate any messages from parents or students sent in a different language.

  • 14. Start a new site in Google Sites that can be a template for a student e-portfolio to showcase student work and progress throughout the year.

  • 15. Use spreadsheets to track homework or behavior logs and share with parents.

  • 16. Set-up a form for collecting teacher observation data and analyze in accompanying spreadsheet.

  • 17. Set-up a resource calendar for a laptop cart (or a projector, library room, auditorium…)

  • 18. Create a student-driven vocabulary flashcard center using spreadsheets and gadgets.

  • 19. Set-up pen pals with students in another country and use Gmail translation tool (extra extra credit – set up a video chat!)

  • 20. Upload long-term and unit plans into Google Calendar to map standards. (extra extra credit – attach Google Docs to the calendar events related to the unit plans)

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