• MAKE SURE ALL SHOES ARE stuffed with plastic bags or tissue to hold shape.

  • Place one pair per bag in plastic covering bags.

  • Place all shoes as the first layer in the suitcase. (If designated shoe bag is not being taken)

  • Next layer is the workout clothes. (Gym shorts, Gym Shirts, Sweatpants, Workout Sneakers.)

  • Next daily wear Shirts, Shorts and Jeans

  • On Top place the Suits, Blazer\'s or Robe\'s he will be wearing. Also place a Bookbag with Jewelry in a Suitcase or Duffle Bag. (If Driving to designation Not flying) do NOT place jewelry in a suitcase if he is FLYING!! Jewelry will be at risk of being lost,broken/and or stolen.

  • Place Underwear, Socks, & Belt in netting part of Suitcase.

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