How to Create Effective Study Habit: 5 Fantastic Steps

Effective Study Habit Effective Study Habit
  • 1. Select A Study Habit

  • List activities you can do regularly to reach an academic goal.

  • Think about activities that suit your learning style.

  • Choose the time of day you\'ll do your habit.

  • 2. Define The Study Habit

  • Create 3 parts to your habit:

  • Trigger: something that starts the activity

  • Action: the activity that you do. It\'s the main part of your habit

  • Reward: a way to treat yourself.

  • 3. Repeat It Daily

  • Do it every day at the same time.

  • Some say it takes 28 days to acquire a habit, others 30, 60 or 90 days.

  • Try 30 days and see the progress you make. Don\'t skip any days!

  • 4. Track Your Study Habit

  • Write notes about your habit in a journal or tracker everyday for 30 days

  • Include columns for the number of days, the date, trigger, action, reward and comments you have.

  • 5. Evaluate The Habit

  • After 30 days assess whether or not the habit is automatic

  • If not continue to do it and track your habit.

  • See if it\'s effective and helps you reach your academic goal.

  • If it is automatic and effective, keep up the good study habit!

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