10 Habits of Successful Students

habits of successful students habits of successful students
  • 1. Don\'t use a laptop: Writing with hands helps to make a better memory recall.

  • 2. Study Smartly: Use interactive and newer learning methods like using apps, software, flash cards, etc. for better learning.

  • 3. Keep the right company and roommate: Keeping a good company is of much importance not only for the study but for life as well.

  • 4. Attend more and more seminars: This gives new insights and thoughts on the topic.

  • 5. Eat smart: Eating less or more, or not eating the right food also hinders the performance.

  • 6. Always sit straight: Sitting straight is said to activate the brain cells more.

  • 7. Reflect on the performance. Reflection helps to find flaws and good aspects of the performance, and the learning helps to improve.

  • 8. Get a part-time job (if possible and if you can manage it with studies): It boosts confidence and helps to learn new things practically.

  • 9. Walk more: Do you know walking enhances creative thinking?

  • 10. Learn with active recall: Active recall helps to recall primary information from memory in the best way.

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