Tips for Studying Mathematics

tips for mathematics tips for mathematics
  • 1. Go to class: When you are absent, make up your work immediately.

  • 2. Ask questions and listen when others ask questions. This is very important.

  • 3. Review regularly. 10-20 minutes a day of review beats 3 hours of cramming. Trust me!

  • 4. Review your notes before beginning your homework.

  • 5. Show all of your work and check your work. Developing good habits during practice will help you during tests and quizzes.

  • 6. Practice, Practice, Practice. This is the most important part. Rework homework problems and rework problems form your notes.

  • 7. Make a list of important concepts and formulas. Explain the concepts in your own words, and review the list so that you can memorize what\'s really important.

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