• NOTE: Left to Right, Shorts, Jeans, Shirts, blazers, suits. Hang the belts on the matching shorts/jeans hanger.

  • Hang up MOST daily wear items (Billion Shirts, Jeans, Sweatshirts)

  • Place Gym clothes, Socks, Undergarments, neatly in drawers.

  • Place Hygiene items, Cologne, & Shaving Tools on bathroom counter.

  • Place Sneakers, Waist belt, & Gym shoes neat & orderly in Closet.

  • If time permits iron the shirts, pants and jeans. (If not do them in the down time)

  • Make sure Suitcases are out of plain site

  • Depending on Travel location Place all jewelry in lockbox *(If @ an Hotel) If at an AirBNB place jewelry out of site (place in drawer) unless told otherwise

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