Longshore Consulting Salesforce Social Sector Success Checklist

  • What you need to do to decrease distraction and boost Salesforce adoption at your organization!

  • Communicate early and often with everyone at your organization: what are you doing, why are you doing it, when will it happen, how can they get involved, and where can they go for support.

  • Decide on key processes: Is it everyone\'s job to update contacts? Should every email, phone call, and meeting with a contact be recorded in Activity History? How should contacts, organizations, donations, etc. be named and labeled?

  • Train users at your organization, not just when you go live! Use Salesforce Trailhead and other free, interactive tools.

  • Turn OFF annoying Chatter feed notifications so staff don\'t get distracted.

  • Clean your data regularly - I recommend once a quarter using CRMFusion\'s DemandTools, which is free for nonprofits.

  • Ask for help. The Power of Us Hub, Salesforce Collaboration Community, and #askforce on Twitter are all great resources.

  • Turn ON field history tracking on every object for the 20 fields you use most.

  • Turn ON and download your weekly data export.

  • Turn OFF the ad banner pop up at the top of every page (currently advertising Salesforce1 mobile).

  • Stay in touch with Longshore Consulting and tell your friends to sign up at http://www.longshoreconsulting.com/ for more great tips and learning opportunities!

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