Presentation Checklist

  • I have the location of my event’s beginning and end

  • I have the dates for when my event started and ended

  • I have explained and elaborated on “Why?” my event occurred by talking about it’s goal or reason for how it started

  • I have at least 5 different and specific “events” that I have presented on my timeline presentation, including the “before”, “during” and “after” of my event

  • I’ve explained these 5 (or more) events in a way that shows it is important to the event

  • I’ve checked for grammar and spelling mistakes, and have made sure I am using complete sentences in my presentation, with proper punctuation

  • I’ve used images and other visuals to represent “layers” (Example: think of it as a Grade 6 Poster Board that Ms. Sopka would have you make)

  • I have talked about key people/countries/populations that were involved in your history event

  • I’ve talked about the impact it had during the event, and after the event

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