A 15 Step Process to Successfully On-Board Your New Client

  • Client has signed contract

  • Client has paid for down payment to get started on project

  • Create client\'s digital folder

  • Send welcome email/packet to client

  • Set up and send next month\'s invoice

  • Create reoccurring invoices for the duration of project

  • Send client a "get to know them" questionnaire

  • Introduce client to any other team members that will be working on project

  • Collect usernames and passwords for client\'s social media, website, blog

  • Schedule a kick of meeting with client and include any other team members that will be involved in the project

  • Map out client\'s marketing strategy in detail

  • Set up internal weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly goals for client

  • Assign tasks to team members, create a separate todo checklists for them

  • Set up a reoccurring weekly internal meeting

  • Start project

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