Parent-Teacher Virtual Conference Checklist

Virtual parent-teacher conference checklist

  • Send out a email to parents with date of conference, along with a time, and how long the conference will be (15 minutes for preschool children, 30 minutes for older children)

  • Adjust any conference times that do not work for parents

  • Plan your bathroom and lunch break(s) accordingly

  • Send out conformation email with date, time, and again how long the conference will be, and to come with questions and concerns (send out correct Zoom link)

  • Send out a reminder email one to three days before conferences (with correct Zoom link)

  • Prep for each student\'s conference (take notes of what you want to discuss with parents)

  • Come up with a least two positive things to say about each student

  • Always buffer concerning issues with something positive or something the student does well


  • Dress professionally

  • Make sure you have efficient lighting

  • Have coffee, water, and snacks available for quick breaks

  • Check email to make sure you don\'t have any last minute emails from parents

  • Have prepared notes for each student

  • Make sure Zoom is working correctly and that the correct Zoom link went out

  • Make sure each parent\'s name is correct and you know their names

  • Welcome each parent with a warm smile, greeting, and if you like, kindly remind them of how much time they have

  • Began each conference with something positive about each student

  • Express any concerns

  • Discuss what students will be working on for the next few months

  • End on a positive note

  • Ask if parents have any questions or concerns

  • Thank parents for their time


  • Send out a email thank parents for a successful conference. Remind them of the best way to contact you for additional questions or concerns

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