20 Zoom Meeting Activities and Games Ideas for Teachers

Free Zoom Activities for Teachers
  • READ A STORY TO YOUR CLASS (gives them time to relax and recharge)

  • PLAN A SHOW AND TELL (pick a few students ahead of time to share with the class something they have been working on or a favorite toy)

  • CREATE A CLASS MASCOT (use a puppet or soft toy to lead a song or explain an activity)

  • PLAY BINGO (have your students create a bingo board ahead of time, you can practice spelling words, themes you are working on, etc)

  • PLAY 20 QUESTIONS (Pick something related to what you have taught that day)

  • SCAVENGER HUNTS (Give the students to find something in their home that starts with a certain letter, color, makes them feel... etc)

  • SCHEDULE DRESS UP DAYS (Gives the students a chance to wear something fancy or fun to their zoom)

  • MYSTERY BAG OR BOX GAME (Put something in the box related to what you are teaching that day and have the students guess what\'s in the box)

  • EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS (Have the students predict or draw a picture of what they think will happen)

  • LEARN A NEW SONG (have some kind of movement along with it)

  • SET UP A TRIVIA GAME (weekly review of what the students have learned or a practice before a test)

  • PLAY SECRET CHARACTER (Similar to the game Guess Who but using students from your class)

  • PLAY BOOGLE (Give the students 10 letters and see how many words that can create or come up with)

  • CREATE A WORD MATH PROBLEM OR RIDDLE (have the kids solve, a good activities for the beginning or end of a zoom meeting)

  • PLAY SCATTERGORIES (Pick a letter and come up with a least seven things the students have to think of that start with that letter)

  • PLAN A TALENT SHOW (Give your students a few days to come up with their special talent)

  • JOURNAL TIME (Give the students a prompt and give them time to draw and write)

  • CREATE A CLASS STORY (You can start the story and have each student come up with a sentence or two)

  • WOULD YOU RATHER (Create the questions and two scenarios ahead of time)

  • PLAN A VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP (You can lead with sharing your screen, just Google "virtual field trips for kids" to plan)

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