Blog Promotion: How to Promote and Market your Blog Posts Weekly

Weekly Blog Post Marketing Weekly Blog Post Marketing

  • Check analytics to see if any of your blogs are ranking for new keywords

  • Refresh your posts that are ranking well, by adding new content or a few new images, or even a infographic

  • Are you blog posts linking to each other?

  • Create a content upgrade if you don\'t have one already

  • Come up with a list or add to your list of upcoming blog topics


  • Do a quick audit on your facebook page. Are your followers engaging? Are you scheduled posts working? Did you gain any new followers?

  • Have you join any new Facebook groups?

  • Run Facebook contest

  • Share some exciting news


  • Are you tweets automating?

  • Can you add some new tweets to your twitter campaign? Rewrite ones that are doing well

  • Have you responded and engaged with your followers?

  • Share the love by RTing interesting articles or following people back

  • Join a Twitter chat that\'s relevant to your brand

  • Hold a Twitter contest

  • Share something exciting about your brand on Twitter

  • Talk about your latest blog post on Twitter


  • Create a stories around your posts that are doing well

  • Update your link in bio with your newest post

  • Create a instagram post around your latest blog post


  • Spend time engaging on Pinterest. Follow new followers or boards. Save interesting pins that are related to your brand

  • Create new pins for your blogs posts

  • Join Pinterest groups


  • Send out your weekly newsletter. Share your latest post, share an update, or share some exciting news


  • Looking for guest blogging oportunities

  • Search H.A.R.O for new opportunities

  • Look out for podcasts you can be interviewed on

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