Daily Pinterest Tasks for Your Social Media Manager

Daily Pinterest Tasks Daily Pinterest Tasks

  • Check out your home page and pin a few interesting pins. (follow pin first to make sure link is not broken and pin is relevant)


  • Make sure each one of your blog post has at least one pinable pin that is visually appealing

  • Look at your google analytics and create new pins for well-performing blog posts

  • Re-design pins that look old or out-dated

  • When pinning your pin. Make sure you use your target keywords in your title, in your description, and your boards are updated with relevant keywords and description


  • Look at your recent followers and follow back anyone who is relevant to your brand (if you follow them, you could even pin a few of their pins)

  • Of who you follow, look at who they follow and follow some of their followers (pin a few of their pins)

  • Of the people you follow on Instagram and Twitter, also follow them on Pinterest

  • Look at who is pinning your content by going to pinterest.com/source/yoururl.com (follow them and pin some of their images)

  • Look to see who you competitors are following and repeat the above steps

  • Look at anyone repinning your content and follow some of them. To find out who is repinning, you can click on one of your pins, and look near the bottom of your pin for a count of the number of boards

  • Check out the POPULAR section on Pinterest. Just click the inside the search bar and the popular categories will pop up. (Can you pin anything or use to create new content for your brand)

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