Daily Social Media Checklist (for all social media platforms)

Daily Social Media Checklist Daily Social Media Checklist

  • Check your stats across all social media platforms (do this a few times a week)

  • Engage with followers (especially MVP\'s) across all social media platforms

  • Engage with other influencers across all social media platforms

  • Make sure you respond to questions across all social media platforms (don\'t forget your blog articles)

  • Check your mentions on all platforms

  • Respond to DM (direct messages) on all platforms

  • Monitor your keywords, look for trending topics

  • Make sure posts are scheduled on all platforms (including blog posts)

  • Check out other related profiles on all platforms

  • Follow new followers on all platforms

  • Engage and compliment at least one new person on each platform

  • RT relevant tweets and/or join a Twitter chat

  • Create new content to share every day

  • Spend time repining, creating new pins, engaging, and following on Pinterest

  • Respond to emails

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