Instagram Post Checklist

Instagram Post Checklist Instagram Post Checklist

  • Write out your caption in your notes first

  • Pose a question to your followers if that makes sense (helps with engagement)

  • Check for spelling and grammar errors

  • Double check that you have tagged and spelled names correctly in your post

  • Use an app/website to break up line spacing on your posts (makes them easier to read) - Google - instagram line space app

  • IMAGE(s):

  • Make sure you are using high quality image(s) and your image(s ) go with the flow of your account (pattern, theme, colors, etc)


  • Add a location if that make sense for your caption


  • Tag your images (you can tag up to (10) ten accounts


  • You can add up to 30 hashtags on one post

  • Choose wisely your top three (3) researched keywords to post with your caption

  • If a post is sponsored make sure you include appropriate hashtags in your post

  • Post the rest in the comments (let a few people comment first)

  • You can always save popular hashtags you use in your notes


  • Create engaging and thoughtful content to post around your latest image

  • COMMENT(s):

  • Start responding to comments (check back 30 mins to an hour after your post, and continue responding throughout the week)


  • Engage with a few of your VIP followers by commenting on their latest post or liking their stores

  • Engage with accounts you follow on Instagram

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