Functions Progress June 1

  • Date

  • Question written down

  • Working vertically set out (line down centre)

  • Coordinates labelled with (x,y), not just either x or y

  • Graph constructed neatly

  • Working shown sequentially

  • Found and labelled 2 points to graph linear function (convention is to use intercepts)

  • Used discriminant to establish if it is necessary to find x intercepts of quadratic function

  • Found value of vertex of quadratic function

  • Found value of x-intercepts of quadratic function

  • Found y intercept of quadratic function

  • Equated the 2 functions to each other

  • Rearranged the 2 functions to solve (realising that solving this is different to finding x intercepts. This step is finding intersection points of the 2 functions)

  • Uses factorising methods to solve. Finds 2 values of x.

  • Substitutes x values into original equation to find corresponding y coordinates.

  • Checks solutions against graph created to ensure reasonableness.

  • Shows clearly in graph or sentence the coordinates of the intersection points

  • Reflects and writes comment about the parts of the process that are difficult

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