What's That Call Checklist

  • Provided name and organization name/Pod name.

  • For the outbound call, provided notification that call is being recorded for quality and training purposes.

  • Sounded friendly and warm.

  • Verified the patient name plus two other identifiers. Example: ZIP Code, Phone Number, Address

  • Confirmed the reason for the call.

  • Confirmed the PCP/Referring Provider.

  • Confirmed the phone number for appointment reminders.

  • Confirmed MyChart status.

  • Used an appropriate pace on the call.

  • Provided all information needed for the next step (for the appointment, etc.).

  • Asked questions to clarify .

  • Expressed empathy throughout the call.

  • Did not interrupt the caller and was always professional.

  • Spoke confidently and in a positive manner.

  • Confirmed an understanding of next steps with caller.

  • Asked caller if he/she had any other needs/questions.

  • Thanked the caller for calling Yale Medicine.

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