Program POC Checklist

  • Find AR Code in VE Assignments

  • Send Speaker Check in to Speaker, Co-Mods and Set up POC the week before the event

  • Check VE3 Calendar invite and make sure to update with Speaker, Co-Mods and POC

  • GEM

  • Open/Close times - 2 hours prior to the event, End time

  • Rules > Entitlement > Overall Feedback - check for "Access to Features," "Conference Feedback," & "AER_MEETING_ATTENDEE" and that access begins 2 hrs prior to the event, and ends 72 hours after

  • Specialist > Make sure your Speaker is listed

  • Form Builder > Feedback Questions > Speaker Rating - Make sure your speaker shows up

  • Rainfocus

  • Register Speaker, Co-Mods and yourself to the event

  • Under your registration on your "Email" Tab, send yourself the Digital Evaluation Preview

  • On the event screen check the start time and time zone

  • Webex

  • Search AR Code

  • Check Time

  • Add Presenter, Co-Mods and VE3 and ensure that they are all "Blue"

  • Go through Preferences and set up

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