iEducate On-Boarding Checklist

  • First Day of School

  • Foundation Meeting with Teacher (10 min to 15 min) You learn by doing within the classroom.

  • Prepare your About Me Slide for Students or a note card to prepare you to introduce yourself to the students

  • On-Boarding Paperwork and Accounts

  • Create Your Deputy Account

  • Complete TriCore Forms (HR Paperwork)

  • Communication

  • Join your Remind Groups

  • Download the Remind App iEduAlief - Alief CRMs iEduAldine- Aldine CRMs iEduHISD- HISD CRMs iEduAll - For announcements

  • Follow iEducate on the Social Media platforms @iEducateUSA

  • Uniform

  • Pick up your Polo

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