NNPS Microcredentials Checklist

  • Google Certification: basic knowledge of GSUITE including Docs, slides, sheets, Gmail, Maps, GChat, Calendar

  • Google Certification: check & complete both of the Google Teacher Center Training Courses https://edu.google.com/teacher-center/training/?modal_active=none

  • Google Certification: document hours spent training for & testing for Frontline

  • Google Certification: dedicate some uninterrupted time, 2-3 hours per test

  • Google Certification: register for & take Google Level 1 certification

  • Google Certification: register for & take the Google Level 2 certification

  • Nearpod Certification: create an account if necessary with your NNPS credentials

  • Nearpod Certification: check to ensure you have premium plus school account activated

  • Nearpod Certification: check the requirements for application lessons here https://s3.amazonaws.com/news.nearpod.com/pdf/Nearpod-Certified-Educator-Lesson-Guide_v2+(1).pdf

  • Nearpod Certification: document the hours you spend working towards your nearpod certification

  • Nearpod Certification: have at least 15 participants complete your desired Nearpod lesson, either live or self-paced

  • Nearpod Certification: tailor either one of your lessons OR one from the Nearpod Library to fit your content standards AND feature all the required tools

  • Nearpod Certification: complete this application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSern44AWx79YKwRcQe_p6klFhcCtbBVT_vK1DFlcASSQFv6zA/viewform?c=0&w=1

  • Flipgrid: create your account if necessary, paired with your NNPS credentials

  • Flipgrid: create your account & profile, create a grid, play around in settings & permissions

  • Flipgrid: create a flipgrid and get at least 3 interactions from participants

  • Flipgrid: complete the Engage & Amplify Microsoft education course (free!) https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/course/45068800/overview

  • Flipgrid: respond to the level 1 grid https://flipgrid.com/certified

  • Flipgrid: complete the flipgrid level 2 course https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/course/be93b0d6/overview

  • Flipgrid: complete a mixtape

  • Flipgrid: respond to this level 2 grid https://flipgrid.com/e64a8ef1

  • Flipgrid: complete the level 3 training course https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/course/ad1fb1cd/overview

  • Flipgrid: post at least 10 grids to Discovery Library

  • Flipgrid: collect 10 topics, 5 need to be from other users!

  • Flipgrid: respond to #gridguide grid https://flipgrid.com/571fe6f3

  • Flipgrid: email the link to your discovery library to jboyce@flipgrid.com and bask in your well-earned glory!

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