How to write well

  • Just write - really. Don\'t overthink it the first time. You\'ll have plenty of time later to edit.

  • Research your competitors. See and understand what they write and how.

  • Draft a rough outline with just the bare-bone skeletons (headings, sub-headings etc).

  • Add to the above gradually. Once you have your headings in place, you can then start by expanding on them easily.

  • Take a break. Cannot stress how important this is.

  • Removing a writer\'s block is fairly easy and do-able. Treat yourself to anything you like once you hit it. Such as listening to music, having an ice-cream..whatever!

  • Make use of power words. Just Google them and use them in your writing.

  • Finally - edit, edit and edit! A good editing of your piece of writing is time well-spent!

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