Digital Marketing Agency - Client Contract checklist

  • The correct legal name of the client is included in the contract without any errors including the Name, Business Address, Email, and Phone number.

  • The services included are clearly mentioned with numbers .

  • If there is a target number or goal that has been agreed upon, for example, first page ranking in Google, a certain ROI in Facebook ads, number of website visitors, are mentioned in the contract.

  • If there are some actions to be performed consistently by the client for the best results, like posting the content you give on their website, responding to customer queries immediately, responding to negative reviews, etc., mention those on the contract.

  • Pricing terms agreed are mentioned with Invoicing date and maximum time limit to receive the payment.

  • In case of failed payment, what is the action that will be taken and how it will be communicated to the client?

  • If there are any additional costs involved apart from your service charges like charges for software tools, hosting, etc., mention it clearly in the contract. Give an approximate price that is expected every month for these tools.

  • The warranty terms that the agency is agreeing to achieve the goal and if it is not achieved within the time frame, what are the options available for the client.

  • Terms of non-disclosure and confidentiality if applicable.

  • In the case of any Amendment to the current contract, the procedure to be followed is described.

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