How to decide if an online course is worth buying

  • Apart from the course is the coach running an actual business or these courses are their only source of income? It is always good to get coaching from someone who has an actual business.

  • Is the pitch for the course so hard and are there any lofty promises offered? Something like "Make thousands of dollars within a short period of time with little to no effort"? A huge negative point and it is best to immediately back off.

  • Is the coach trying to flaunt his/her wealth over the expertise and authority they have in the space? Another negative point. A good coach doesn\'t need to display this wealth but only his/her knowledge and experience.

  • Is it possible to reach out the coach directly via email, chat or phone.

  • What is the average response time to get a doubt clarified. If it is more than two business days, it has to be considered a negative point.

  • Has the person actually is an expert in what he/she is teaching. Do they have solid proof of what they have done and achieved in the same field?

  • Are the testimonials trustworthy? Are there any efforts to get positive testimonials in return of a favor, something like a discount?

  • Are there any negative reviews online for the course? If so, how many and is there any instance reported that the course owner tries to take off the negative review or block the person who left a negative review?

  • Ask the course presenter what is the average success rate of the students of this course. If it is less that 15% definitely reconsider whether to join.

  • Is there a money back guarentee and how many days it holds on for. What are the terms and conditions to get the money back if you are not satisfied with the content of the course and want a refund.

  • If the condition for refund is you should have implemented everything that was taught in the course, what are the proofs you should provide that you actually implemeted everything but not seeing results.

  • Is this the only price for the course or is there any upsell after a few months after going through the course. If there is an upsell, is the price displayed properly without any shady tactics and what additional value the upsell brings?

  • Check is it possible to try out a few chapters or modules of the course to see the quality of content.

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