Run this checklist before buying any SaaS tool

  • This software solves an important problem and helps to grow my business.

  • It will either save time or increase the revenue.

  • If I am using a similar tool already, this has more value in pricing and features.

  • Is there a free trial to check out the software\'s UI and features.

  • If credit card information is needed for free trial, cancellation is easy within the trial period.

  • The user interface and dashboard is easy to use with all the elements and icons clear to understand and navigate.

  • If the company is in the early stages, there is a public roadmap and changelog documentation.

  • Customer Support

  • Live chat or email support is available. In case of email support, response time is less that 24 hours.

  • The highest level that can be reached in case of a critical issue. Can the Founder or anyone at the top level be reached out for direct help?

  • The support team is knowledgeable and willing to resolve the issues positively.

  • There are detailed how-to documentation and tutorials available covering all the major features.

  • Tutorial videos and support documentation are updated constantly in case of change in UI or updated features.

  • Integrations

  • All the necessary integrations that I currently need are available or in the roadmap to be released shortly.

  • Zapier integration is available with all the essential triggers.

  • More integrations are added frequently and the support team takes any specific requests for integration into consideration.

  • Pricing

  • Pricing plans are clear and defined with all the features defined properly.

  • If there is a free plan, the limitations are properly listed.

  • There are no hidden costs and if the tool if the plan has any limits, the support team will notify in advance to prevent surprise costs bump.

  • If it is a WordPress based tool, the pricing is applicable for how many website licenses is clearly mentioned.

  • Privacy

  • There is a clearly defined privacy policy and terms of use listed in the website.

  • The user data is stored in secured servers and there are essential recovery measures in place to avoid any user data leakage.

  • The tool is GDPR compliant. Is there a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in place.

  • There has been no instance or history of security breaches in the past by the software provider.

  • Lifetime deals

  • Why is the company offering lifetime deal. If is it because they are a early stage SaaS startup, is it sure that this is the only instance they will be offering a lifetime deal.

  • Have they offered a lifetime deal anywhere else before. If so, why are they offering it again.

  • Is it a very small team consisting only of few co-founders? If so, do they have any plans to expand the team.

  • The company is in good financial health and have detailed plans to generate revenue in the future to stay in the market and compete.

  • Is the lifetime deal a custom one? If so, will there any special offers for early adopters for upgrading to general plans in the future.

  • The features included in the deal and the pricing is well explained with no ambiguity.

  • When new features are included in future, will it be available for everyone who purchased the lifetime deal.

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