Magic Page Plugin - Website Setup

  • Install the Plugin: Purchase Magic Page Plugin (MPP) online and download it. Install the plugin onto your WordPress site​.

  • Activate the Plugin: Copy and paste your API Key into the appropriate area to activate the plugin​.

  • Install the Database: Click and install your State database or all the databases for every State in the USA, or any other country depending on your coverage area​.

  • Get Google Maps API Key: Search for "Google Maps API Key" in Google, create and activate the key, then paste it into your settings​.

  • Set Locations: Select your office or multiple office locations, then set the miles radius or leave it set to 1000 miles to cover the whole State​.

  • Add Content: Add your content into the Magic Page using shortcodes for locations, and the page will automatically build a page for every single town and village in your selected area, the whole state.

  • Remember, if you find anything difficult or get stuck anywhere, there are numerous support systems in place. The Magic Page Plugin has a customer Facebook community where you can get answers to your questions 24/7

  • Alternatively, Magic Page Plugin has a support desk