Module 5 Checklist

  • Visit and read through the Tentative Outline & Update post for week of 4/29. In portal under Facebook Links lesson section.

  • Success Pod Assignment: Brainstorm Module Questions. In portal under Success Pod lesson section.

  • Visit Session Four Office Hours lesson in portal, review topics covered.

  • Watch replay of the office hours session if needed.

  • Lesson Track 1: Tips to Develop Your Own 80% Daily Routine

  • PROCESSING & CHECK-IN: Email assignment & post in group (linked in the lesson)

  •  Module 5 Lesson: What is a Funnel?

  • CONNECTING THE DOTS: Be CERTAIN You have have a pretty firm hold on your Business Identity, voice, niche/blue ocean, etc. Spend a little time time refining if needed so you\'re ready when it\'s time to build your funnels.

  • ASSIGNMENT: Analysis & reflection on current funnel. Assignment in Lesson. 

  • PROCESSING & CHECK-IN: Email your assignment in. (This is helping us with the beta side of things) Share your thoughts or what you\'ve identified through analysis of your current funnel/what\'s working, what hasn\'t been. etc. in the group post. Link in lesson.

  • Systems & Technology: Shout: About Shout lesson

  • ASSIGNMENT: Sign up for Shout if you haven\'t already

  • Systems & Technology: Shout: Facebook Integration

  • ASSIGNMENT: Integrate your Facebook Page with Shout

  • Systems & Technology: Shout: Contacts 

  • ASSIGNMENT: Manually Create a Contact for 1K World Changers/Beta Announcements (in lesson)

  • Systems & Technology: Shout: Groups & Group Messaging 

  • ASSIGNMENT: Create a Group in Shout

  • PORTAL ASSIGNMENT: Shout-to-shout Opt in

  • Systems & Technology: Clickfunnels: Prep Visit the customized sales funnel at

  • Visit the "clean" sales funnel at

  • THINKING AHEAD: Brainstorm what you might want to do with your cloned clean funnel to customize it for your business if you were a SG distributor. Whether you are a SG dist or not- Using it as a roadmap, what product or service will you highlight first for YOUR business??

  • THINK AHEAD: begin brainstorming how you could take this same funnel template and add elements you like from social media parties to turn it into a group party like a facebook party or home demo (but online) using the funnel. What engagement elements do you enjoy? What do you do just to get around the algorithms? What serves multiple purposes and helps with buyer psychology? Don\'t stress if you dont have answers to these things, just begin ASKING YOURSELF the questions!

  • IF, AND ONLY IF, you feel ready to begin experimenting with clickfunnels click this link to start your trial and clone the clean funnel to your account

  • Process with your pod - What is your current/previous Sales Funnel System made up of?

  • Check in with your Pod. How is everyone doing? Where are people feeling really strong? Where are they challenged? What changes have you seen already? What are you wanting to see this next week?

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