Strategies to prepare your mind and body for a highly productive, low-stress day

  • When you first wake up, take a moment to feel your body lying beneath the sheets. Take a brief mental inventory. Are you tired, calm or anxious ? Take a few more seconds to scan your body. Does it feel tense and achy, or relaxed? Spend a few moments focusing on various pleasurable sensations in your body

  • Slowly get out of bed, and then yawn a few times

  • In superslow motion, stretch your body. Select an inner value to emphasize during the day

  • Commit to taking one mindful breath each day, paying attention to the different sensations and movements

  • At work, select a power word that can help you stay focused on each specific goal or task. Create an affirmation with your inner values and power words: "I breath in _________; I breath out ___________"

  • Whenever you feel stressed or tired at work, stop for 30 seconds to yawn, stretch, and reflect on your values and power words. Use your mindfulness clock to remind you to take at least one stress-reduction break per hour while at work

  • Before falling asleep, reflect on the things you did well that day and the things you feel grateful for

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