11 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales

11 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales
  • 4 Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Build Your List: Your mailing list is your secret arsenal, no matter what type of sales you\'re in. Add your sign up link to key spots on your website, and offer incentives for people to sign up!  

  • Don\'t SPAM: CAN-SPAM (US), CASL (Canada) and GDPR (Europe) laws protect the public\'s digital privacy and set fines and penalties for sending unwanted emails. 

  • Mobile-Friendly: 75% of people will delete an email if it\'s hard to read on a mobile. 

  • Automate: Email service tools offer affordable - and sometimes - free tools to help you send better emails more easily. 

  • 7 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

  • Personalize: Make it personal: When you collect subscriber\'s name on your sign-up form, ask for their first name and use it in both the Subject line and the Greeting of your email. Make sure the Sender of your email is a name, such as anthony@, not info@. 

  • Optimize Your Subject: Your open rate is only as good as your subject line. Don\'t generalize your email Subject line, such as Monthly Newsletter. Make each email\'s Subject line unique and specific with an enticing Call to Action. 

  • Optimize Preview Text: Most email inboxes show the Preview text - sometimes more than the subject line! Customize your preview text so it delivers the right message, if you leave it blank many email tools pull copy from your email - which may not be the best message!

  • Unsubscribe: If you don\'t give your contacts an unsubscribe option they may mark your email as SPAM or Junk in their inbox - which could lead to you getting flagged as SPaM by that ESP!

  • Exclusive Discounts: Give people a reason to sign up for your email, and to continue to subscribe. Offer them exclusive discounts, promotions or incentives that are unique to that email: not the same promotion plastered over all your social media!

  • Reward: Make your emails valuable. Encourage your subscribers to continue to subscribe and open your emails by rewarding loyalty with special offers that aren\'t available to every other subscriber. 

  • Abandoned Carts: Send abandoned cart emails to shoppers who haven’t finished checking out of your online store. Consider a special offer to entice them to buy! 

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