11 Questions to Ask Potential Buyers of Your Business

11 Questions to Ask Potential Buyers of Your Biz
  • Why do you want to buy my business?

  • What do you know about my industry?

  • Have you ever bought a business before? 

  • Do you plan to run the business, or resell it? 

  • Are you interested in my business and what we do, or do you want it for its assets - real estate, contacts, equipment, etc. 

  • What is your timeframe to buy a business? 

  • Will you keep the business name? 

  • Will you sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement? 

  • Who will be running the business if you buy it? What are their qualifications? 

  • What is your due diligence process to purchase a business? 

  • How will you finance the purchase? Can you show me you have access to the funds needed to buy my business?  

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