5 Ways Customer Reviews Can Help Sell Your Business

How Customer Reviews Can Help Sell Your Business
  • 1. Social Proof: Good sales and healthy financials demonstrate you have been running a successful business. But recent 5-star customer reviews and glowing client testimonials are a strong indicator that your customers are and will stay loyal.

  • Increased Rank: Search engines crawl customer reviews and testimonials to help determine a website\'s rank. A higher ranking website indicates a better know business, which is a competitive edge. 

  • 3. Competitive Edge: If your business has good online reviews compared to your competitors\', that demonstrates a competitive advantage to your prospect. 

  • Stars Convert to Sales: According to Small Business Trends, Every star review a business gets converts to a 5-9% increase in sales; Buyers spend up to 31% more at a business with good reviews; Reviews produce on average an 18% increase in sales; Negative reviews, if handled properly, can increase sales by generating buzz and increasing product awareness. 

  • Local Search: Google reviews and owner responses are up to 15% of Google local rank.  

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