13 Proven Lead Magnets That Get Email Addresses

13 Proven Lead Magnets That Get Email Addresses
  • Your lead magnet should be exclusive: don\'t make it something that is available everywhere else on your website. 

  • Free Consultation: If you\'re an expert in your field, offering to talk to to someone who has a problem in an area you have expertise will prove your value. 

  • Mini eBook: A mini eBook sharing your expertise s a good way to share bite-size chunks of information won\'t take too much time to read and understand. 

  • Checklist: People love easy to use checklists that provide a simple how-to that solves their problem. 

  • Free Trial: If you have confidence in your software or tool or app, a free trial is a great way to demonstrate your product and hook your prospect on the benefits. 

  • Cheat Sheets: Handy guides with information that is hard to remember or changes frequently that someone can easily refer to or take with them.  

  • Tutorial: Many people love to watch videos versus read a book. A video how-to tutorial that shows how to do or fix something that is related to your product.  

  • Giveaway: Let people give you their email address in exchange to win something such as a free book, course, membership or consultation. 

  • Facebook Group Membership: Facebook groups are a popular way for people to privately exchange information and ideas, and a welcome opportunity to meet and engage with other people who share a common goal or problem.  

  • Free Sample: Whether its the 1st chapter of your book, a trial size of a new product or a trial membership, a free sample lets someone try it out before they buy it. 

  • Free Templates: Many forms, letters, graphics, schedules and worksheets are complicated to create from scratch but easy to modify and re-use. 

  • Exclusive Deal: Everyone wants to get a good deal. Whether its free shipping, a special discount or a BOGO offer, make it something they want to get. 

  • 1st Video of a Course: If you sell a video course, offering the 1st video in the series for free is a great way to prove the value of your course. 

  • Podcast: Create an exclusive podcast on a topic of interest to your target audience or with an influencer in your field. 

  • Mixing The Perfect Sales Cocktail by Antony Caliendo: http://www.thesalesassassin.com/go/salescocktailmp3-pa002

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