5 Reasons to Sell Your Business to Your Employees

5 Reasons to Sell Your Business to Your Employees
  • Business Continuity: Trusted employees are most likely to maintain the existing company culture and operate the company consistent with your values. https://www.inc.com/bob-house/why-selling-your-business-to-an-employee-may-be-your-best-bet.html

  • Mentor the Next Generation: When you spend years with green advisors you get a chance to help them learn what you know works. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshpatrick/2015/07/26/5-reasons-you-need-to-sell-your-services-company-to-your-employees/#1b7da5d8681a

  • You Can Take Time With the Transition: Make sure the employees who think they can buy the business can handle it once they have the reins. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/306067

  • Ongoing Cash: Compared to sales to third parties selling a business to key employees takes more time. During the buy-in period, owners continue to receive their salaries and all the perks of ownership. https://smallbusinesssuccessionplanning.com/selling-your-business-to-employees-washington-dc/

  • Protect Employment and Retirement Benefits to Loyal Employees: Employees get the benefit of owning the shares. When the employees retire, they get a payment based on what the shares are worth. https://financiallysimple.com/should-you-sell-your-business-to-employees-pros-and-cons-of-esops/

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