5 Tips to Avoid #EmailFail

5 Tips to Prevent Sales #EmailFails
  • Gmail Lets You ‘Unsend’ Your Emails: Did you know that you can unsend your email? Demanded by users who have undoubtedly more than once experienced a disastrous #EmailFail, Gmail recently added the email Undo Send feature.

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  • Install a SpellCheck Tool: If you\'re prone to typos on emails you can install another spellcheck tool for insurance. I like Grammarly - they have a free version, but the paid version is a good investment.

  • Add Contact Info: Your emails should end with a professional signature. Many emails are sent from unmanned inboxes and there is no way to contact the sender.

  • Don\'t Reply All: Or at least be cautious if you do select Reply All. Most often, only the Sender of your email needs to know your response.

  • Never Forward: Think before you forward an email - that chain you\'re forwarding may have private conversations that you don\'t want to share with a prospect or client.

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