7 Tips to Craft a Memorable Elevator Speech

7 Tips to Craft a Memorable Elevator Speech
  • Keep It Short: 30-60 seconds is ideal for an elevator pitch. If they\'re interested, they\'ll ask you questions. https://smallbiztrends.com/2016/10/elevator-pitch-tips.html

  • Introduce Yourself: People buy and connect with people, not a business. Don\'t just pitch your business: pitch yourself. Your name and credentials are who they\'ll work with.

  • Know the Goal: You want it to be memorable and interesting so that your audience is asking you to tell them more. http://articles.bplans.com/how-to-create-an-elevator-speech-with-examples

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Many people freeze when they have to perform. Practice delivering your elevator speech so its accurate - but not robotic!

  • Know Your Audience: The same pitch won\'t work on everyone, so its a good idea to have variations of your elevator speech that work with different types of prospects.

  • Solve Their Problem: Your pitch is about solving their problem, not yours. Explain how your product or opportunity or your skills can help them http://www.thesalesassassin.com/sales-blog/3-tips

  • Close with a CTA: Just like a good landing page, your elevator speech should have a call to action: say you\'ll follow up with an email, connect on social, or hand them your business card.

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